In-Building solution


By 2014, an estimated 80 percent of traffic is expected to be generated within buildings. Our solution can enhance quality, improve Mobile Broadband throughput and add capacity for greater usage indoors.

The rise of the smartphone, along with a trend for bandwidth-hungry apps and services, is driving an unprecedented surge in High Speed Data and voice traffic. At the same time, subscribers are demanding more from their networks – faster data speeds, better coverage and higher bandwidth – whether they’re on the move or indoors. Around 85 percent of data traffic and 70 percent of voice traffic is generated indoors or within buildings.

The business benefits

  • Enhanced indoor capacity and coverage is secured by continuous traffic profile , patterns and service quality monitoring

  • Improved ARPU from tapping into hidden traffic inside buildings

  • Reduced churn and improved customer satisfaction due to enhanced penetration and reach of the network

  • Lower build costs through optimized use of spectrum and trunking efficiency as well as smart configuration which reduces the number of antennas required

  • Multi-band and multi-carrier transmission accommodate all carrier and Wi-Fi frequencies

  • Optimized coverage resulting e.g. from a detailed assessment of traffic usage patterns and meticulously planned antenna placement and selection

  • Future expansion is supported through industry leading IBS and Small Cells solutions