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Pt lot global Integrasi

Known as "Login Indonesia", founded in 2012, is a consortium of professional experts notable in the field of Information and Communication Technology(ICT). Login Indonesia is a realization of ideas from its shareholders inspired by the significant growth of Information Technology Industry in Asia, particulary in Indonesia. Despite the present increase of new IT start-up companies; Login Indonesia has the competitive edge and confidence to be one of the leaders in Indonesia expanding ICT markets.

Login Indonesia provides one-stop solution services to multiple segments of industries, mainly focusing on the Enterprise and Telecommunications market. Services offered include: IT network and infrastructure, software engineering, application development, and managed services solution. These services comprise of hardware and software tailored to each unique customer needs. Furthermore, Login Indonesia is fully supported by well-established brands in the market to achieve high standard of customer satisfaction. These brands of caliber include Juniper, Dell, LS Cable, SIAE Microelettronica, and many others.